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Members Appraisal Management

Members Appraisal Management was founded in 2010 by Colorado-licensed appraiser Kris Hicks. Mr. Hicks noticed the majority of Appraisal Management Companies lacked high-quality customer service and knowledge of the Colorado market and decided to create his own AMC. The result is MAM, a truly client-centric AMC focused on providing exceptional customer service to our clients, while also being able to understand and support our appraisers!

At Members Appraisal Management, we are focused on building relationships with appraisers and providing first-in-class service to banks, credit unions, and independent brokers. MAM’s day-to-day operations are headed by Mr. Hicks who ensures the business is compliant and up to date on the ever-changing industry. Over seven years, MAM has grown steadily each year in people, revenue, and experience – we hope you’ll join us.

Quality & Excellence

Quality is at the heart of our brand. We passionately pursue quality and excellence in everything we do. Not immune to human error, we avoid mistakes through process optimization and best-in-industry practices. We also value customer feedback and strive to consistently improve. Our philosophy, that’s simple. To achieve excellence, to strive above the standard and set the bar for exceptional service in appraisal management. Want to learn more, ask us how our Quality Assurance Team and processes meet your needs and adhere to our industry’s stringent regulations.

The Personal Touch

Without our appraisers and customers, we don’t exist and every good business knows it’s about relationships. Regardless if you’re a vendor or a customer, you’re our partner. First step to any problem-resolution is to listen. Our Client Services team is exceptional when it comes to problem-solving, responsiveness, and professional friendliness. We have a deep respect for everyone who works with us and truly care about their success. After all, your success is our success.

The Regional vs. National Model

Colorado is a diverse geography of rugged mountains, rural plains and thriving metropolis. Having an AMC without a firm understanding of the market(s) they service means your timeline is at a disadvantage from the start. Whereas, having an AMC with a local presence and strong knowledge base of customary fees along with reasonable timelines whether the order is in a popular ski-resort vs. a rural area with acreage means we can set better expectations upfront to Lenders and borrowers alike, ensuring we get the process and customer experience aimed in the right direction… for success.

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At Members Appraisal Managment, our goal is to provide you with the appraisers and support staff so you can focus on more fruitful tasks, like closing and funding more profitable loans. At MAM, we also integrate with industry leaders to bring you the best, most efficient appraisal management technology.

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